Why Should I join a club?

The Snopass program helps local clubs by providing subsidies to maintain grooming equipment, expand trails and improve existing trails.

While the Snofund does provide financial support, local clubs still rely on volunteers to maintain and groom trails. Without local clubs and their volunteers, the trails would not exist.

What can a club do for me?

The club executive and members keep informed on what is happening in the industry and work with local governments, RCMP and business to keep the trail system in place. You can get together with others who share your interest in the sport of snowmobiling at our regular monthly club meetings, organized snowmobile rides, and several other events during the season.

How Can You Help?

You could become a club member! New members are always welcome and there are many volunteer opportunities open that require various levels of commitment . Come out to a meeting and check it out!

Common Sense Tells Us

  • Keep to the right of the trail and not down the centre.
  • Use hand signals when meeting oncoming sleds.

The trails are for everyone and need to be shared with respect and safety for all.